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Looking for Free Advertising for your site? Here are some that I recommend. Free Classifieds,Free Link Exchange, Free Text Links,Free Surf For Hits.

The banners below link to some very good sites with freebies to promote and optimize your site.


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I have tried almost every free advertising site out there and have started this site to list the ones that have worked for me. If you have had success with any free advertising sites let me know so that I can try them and list them here.

Here are some free classified ad sites that will give you your own site to promote your main site with. These work very well if you have a lot of webmasters visiting your site, and even if you have a mom and pop site they can still bring in a few extra visitors with little effort and no cost.You will see an example of a site when you click, just go to the bottom of the page and click the "Powered By" links to sign up for your own site.

Ad Track

I highly recommend the Hot Plugins site because they are meta equiped and is easily picked up by google.

Hotplugins Free Classifieds

This isn't a classified site, but works similar, I have seen my site listed on google because of this little freebie and highly recommend getting one of your own.


I know you probobly hate pop-ups, and so do i, but they are a necessary evil to get your site noticed. One of the easiest and best is

Fly In

You will need a way to accept payments for your site. Pay Pal is the easiest and most cost effective way to accept payments online. Sign up is free and simple. So go ahead and get an account today.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

This is a great site promotion site. Submit your site to thousands of Search Engines, FFA Pages, And Classified sites for free, NO STRINGS, just fill in the information and hit submit.
I highly recommend this service, just have a seperate email account set up for the junk mail.


These aren't free listings, but worth checking out.
More Free Advertising Below, Keep Scrolling.

By far the best way to get noticed on the internet, Overture pay per click is used by Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Netscape, AOL, and many other search engines with the best cost effective targeted advertising available.

OVERTURE.COM Get listed on all major search engines instantly with an overture PPC listing.


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Here are some free services that I've found useful.

Try some of these FREE surf for clicks and traffic exchange services, they really do work.

Search the Web:

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GoTop Link Exchange - GoTop is a smart service that help webmasters find other webmasters to trade links with. GoTop saves hours of work when you are looking for reciprocal links, and it's free!

Webmasters - Exchange Links, Submit Your Site?

Txtswap Txtswap is a free text link exchange service that lets you easily promote your website and increase the number of visitors you receive. Smart Search:

The best selection of ad-free web tools and website add-ons: message board, chat room, ListServ discussion lists, online calendar, FAQ database and much more
Don't forget about Traffic Zap. you will see it in action when you leave this page. I know how people feel about pop-ups, but if it works you gotta stick with it.


Send me your suggestions for sites to add to this page.

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